What Does It Mean to Live in Non Duality

Enjoy, as ACIM identifies it, is genuine non-dualism and it can’t fathom the option of harming your self (victim) or hurt yet another (victimizer), as the “you” being referred to in Enjoy is just Oneness and the Sameness and approaching it self is inconceivable. That is the description of insanity.
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The Program says you have this third decision which is the decision for Enjoy, or non-duality. In place of questioning that One Reality, refuse the dualistic miscreations of anxiety and guilt. This One Decision ends conflict in most situations.

Notion is what improvements inner Teachers between dualism and non-dualism. Utilising the decision machine to select is the way you change perception non dual teachers. With the Sacred Soul of non-dualism as perception, you appropriate your brain (forgiveness) carefully before you are completely in True Perception.

When the decision was made to refuse non-dualism, the One Truth (Love), it split the mind. Dualistic judgments are miscreations from the refusal and are the opposite of Creation. The mind includes a Source which employs understanding to determine how that Source is applied.

Belief is: “Circumstances of being or means of becoming aware of anything; and method of regarding, knowledge or interpreting something.” Using this meaning, you will see ACIM’S Law of Cause and Influence: Based on the mind you use as trigger (perception), you will dsicover (perceive) the corresponding effect.

If you are considering “at-one-ment” to imply that you “have to go back” to Oneness, you are perceiving with the pride improper brain that divorce is real. You are also perceiving with the ego proper brain that you’re a victim of Lord who allowed you to separate. In other words, God being who He’s, you are perceiving that not only it’s probable to split up but He permitted it and victimized you for it. This is the first three Regulations of Chaos in a heartbeat and fundamental dualism of preference between tasks of victim and victimizer, and between concern and guilt.

If you are considering and accepting Atonement as the Love option to revive the mind, you’re ready to comprehend with the Sacred Heart Proper Mind that just Love is necessary to correct the mind. After all, only Love was refused in the “small upset idea.” That notion is the key to the empire of the doorway to Enjoy (non-dualism).

The problem is how to know if you are choosing within duality versus non-duality. It could be confusing and frustrating which can be what the vanity needs therefore that you do not choose out of their believed system. Nevertheless, that is the choice you must produce if you want the madness and disorder to end.

Use your ability to produce choices (the choice maker) to withdraw opinion in dualistic miscreations. Pass by how things look, noise and sense; and if you wish to be free from the confidence, contemplate it all as being ego. Listed here is the deal from the Program: The confidence produced the body for your brain to have anything to see dualism separateness through. Non-dualism employs the human body to participate with another in Love. Your decision manufacturer may be the action to change perception as only decision decision rejected Love and produced different perceptions once the brain split.

With only a little readiness, you understand the maxims and then begin applying them. Sure, you will make mistakes but so what. Most of us have. The more you apply non-dualistic notion the more you learn and the greater your readiness becomes before you do it constantly and around everything.

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