Value Addition Through Industrial Design

Industrial Design is a scientific application of science and arts to design a product or solution which is mutually beneficial for the user and the producer. This mutually beneficial process is the foundation for creating a value rich product or service. Businesses are investing millions today on Industrial design to create environments, systems and processes which will create the world’s best products / services.
Industrial design, as being a creative & scientific process, focuses on the process than the finish. This focus causes research and analysis at every period of product development. Industrial design focuses on the process of production as well as the marketability of the product. Commonly, Industrial design takes into account each and every process which contributes to creation of a superior and acceptable solution to a customer’s need CGR.

Analysis of the User & his or her needs – This is the stage where an Industrial designer evaluates the need for a product and whether it will cater to the customer. User analysis will also study the interaction of user with the products & its related responses. This helps in creating value because this phase defines the product and it’s attributes.

Comparative Item Study helps you to evaluate the product vis-a-vis other products in the market. It helps in creating an progressive product as well as a product which can best suit the user needs. It also is a contributing factor for pricing.

Prototyping and Product attributes definition is dependent on the prior two processes and lead to a prototype of the product which is then sophisticated to create the finish product. The end product can be in a way that it is user friendly as well as the best answer to the customer’s need.

All of the above combined with other comprehensive processes will ensure that the consumer has to pay an affordable price for the item which best suits his/her needs. Here, price and need are the value additions to the merchandise. Since, Industrial design can help create the best processes; it will also ensure that the worker who actually is at each period of the production process interacts with the systems effectively and efficiently. This in turn enhances the productivity and quality ultimately causing a product which is high in quality and low in price thus creating customer value and also benefits the manufacturer.

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