Travel Destinations Beaches and The Countries of Eastern Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful place that’s remarkably popular with visitors who visit it all year-round. There’s also a lot of foreigners who choose purchase house or a house there and to calm down in Thailand. Among the key attractions of Thailand are beautiful beaches. There are lots of popular beaches in Thailand that attract readers from throughout the world. Visitors from several countries travel to Phuket and Pattaya to benefit from these places’ popular nightlife also to relax to the beaches there.

But if you’re searching for some really stunning, tropical beaches along with the nightlife isn’t your primary destination (you can find some exciting nightlife and many things to do practically everywhere in Thailand), you may decide to not visit Pattaya or Phuket and visit a few other beautiful and incredible shores of Thailand.

Rayong is another popular location to go to the shores of western Thailand. Among the beautiful islands in Thailand is located in the Rayong State – Koh Samet Island. You can get to Koh Samet by ship a village located about 3.5 hours bus journey from Bangkok, from Ban Phe. The boat trip from Ban Phe to Koh Samet takes about 40 minutes. There are a large amount of beautiful and quiet beaches while Koh Samet is just a little area. One of the hottest is Cap Sai Kaeo, named Crystal Sand Beach or the Diamond Beach. The sand there’s really stunning and also the seawater is very clean.

Hat Sai Kao is not as silent as different beaches of bangkok to koh samet, as plenty are of activities going on there. You swim can sunbathe, go jet skiing, windsurfing or get banana.

There are lots of beautiful beaches within the east of Thailand. Near Cambodia inside the Trat Province (about 310 km from Bangkok) you will find Koh Chang Islands (Elephant Countries). Koh Chang Island may be the second biggest island in Thailand (after Phuket Area) also it belongs to the band of fifty-one islands. Many of them are stunningly beautiful. Koh Chang Island will be the most developed. One other two remarkably popular destinations of Koh Chang Archipelago are Koh Maak and Koh Kut.

Koh Chang is just a a part of Mu Koh Chang National Park and apart from the stunning and some extremely peaceful shores there’s also waterfalls stunning hills and jungles.

In case you have time you are able to simply jump to another from area, as there are various boats which will take one to unique destinations of Koh Chang.

quiet and peaceful beach).

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