Top Travel Tip that will amaze you

So as you can see by the title of this blog that you will be amazed by the travel tips that I would be sharing with you. Maybe your Scavenging through the internet looking for the best travel tips. Maybe you are planning for the next trip of your life. Maybe you want to go to another honeymoon with your spouse. I don’t know. Whatever it is you will be going for a trip and you have landed on my blog. So today I will be sharing with you the best travel tips one can find on the internet. So to speak about myself Jimmy Franco and I have been traveling for the last 12 years of my life. I have spent a lot of my time being a fashion Enthusiast. Which meant whenever I travel item to look fashionable. So as a result I also carry the best travel jacket with me during my trips. So without further Ado let’s get into it.



Know Why You are traveling:


No in this blogI will not be sharing a lot of information but rather information about a certain topic. Only one travel tips that will help you a lot.Now this it may come off  a bit  weird to you. but trust me this is actually very helpful. If you don’t know why you’re traveling then you’re not going to have fun.  with 12 years of travel experience in my pockets I can say with confidence that if you don’t know why you’re traveling you’re going to have really poor travel time. So first and foremost make sure you let yourself know why you’re traveling. If you’re traveling for business that is a different topic you need to pack for different stuff and you should have a different mentality .But if you’re going for pleasure then you need to know which kind of pleasure are you seeking.. If you’re traveling with your spouse then you might end up being in the hotel room for a long period  Of time. So that is travel for pleasure of one kind. But if you’re traveling 4 exploring then that is a different type of trip. and you need to be prepared differently for this kind of trip.   you need to pack differently for different trips. Such as I mentioned if you’re going for your honeymoon then you don’t need to pack a lot of here. Cause we staying in hotel room for a long long time. But if you’re traveling for experience and you will be on your food on for a long time then you need to make sure that you have the proper here. Leave gear can make or break your trip. If you end up carrying only a flip flop with you then you would have a hard time walking or hiking. Make sure to carry the best travel jacket with you as this will keep you warm in cold weather. Also make sure to carry the best travel shoes with you as you will be hiking a lot.

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