Small company Marketing Review – Guerilla Marketing

We never want to recommend you reduce yourself as a business owner or marketer to reading only one book on marketing. Why straightjacket your mind? No single creator, no matter how great, can cover everything. There are too many good ideas out roaming the entire world.

Nevertheless, if you are actually forced to grab one small business marketing book before you bail away of the plane we recommend you latch onto one of Jay Conrad Levinson’s Guerilla Marketing books. He or she is an excellent authority when it comes to marketing ideas for chief marketers and business owners of any size firm.

Guerilla Marketing: Secrets for Producing Big Profits out of your Tiny Business is another of those books that we first read over a decade ago; although the first edition of Guerilla Marketing and advertising has been out for more than twenty. Clearly, Levinson’s ideas have staying power among entrepreneurs.

Moment and again Levinson emphasizes brain-power over money-power in marketing. Of all the lessons in the publication, this is our favorite–small business marketers can outsmart your competitors; hence, the title, of guerilla marketing Articles Based. Guerillas are typically outnumbered and outgunned, and so their tactics must be different than the conventional warriors.

Guerilla Marketing contains chapters on almost every marketing channel: radio, PR, papers, television, and so forth Need a quick refresher to make certain your radio spend is as effective as it could be? It is a great resource to use in order to pick up and review to verify that you are leaving anything out there in your current tactics if you are using this channel.

We also find section 5–Secrets of Developing a Creative Marketing Program–a good intro course for anybody starting a new marketing strategy. Here Levinson outlines “Seven procedure for creative marketing”–a worthwhile checklist for any small business marketer to make use of. Once again, this is a great tool to use to review any campaigns you are launching or already have in the works.

Especially helpful is Part 29–How Guerillas Win Fights. Levinson offers timely recommendations about how to sustain your marketing once it works. He actually warns of what to do when you come across success by using the guerilla methods. For anybody familiar with Michael Porter’s works, you’ll know the essential importance of sustainability in any competitive business.

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