Do you want to buy a new Table Tennis Table

Do you want to buy a new Table Tennis Table? Are you aware of the features that would enable you get the best tables tennis table available? Here are the things you should look for :



  1. It is easy to assemble

Some tables are easy to assemble – 15 minutes at most, whereas some ping pong tables – especially outdoor ones – take a good 2-3 hours.

For example, one reason why the  STIGA Triumph Table Tennis Table is popular is it is pretty easy and quick to put it up.


  1. It has classic design

Tennis Tables should comes with dimensions of 100 inches in terms of Length by 50 inches in terms of Width by 30 inches in terms of Height. You will always get a good one during the time as you buy a quality table tennis table that exists for sale in the market today. In addition, you can always be certain of getting the best quality that would match your needs. It is good for indoor playing.


  1. It comes with a smooth surface perfect for playing

From its thick Weatherproof Aluminum surface, this should enable you enjoy yourself as you play. In addition, this makes it durable due to the surface’s control expansion and contraction especially in case of weather conditions changes. Those who have bought it have been able to improve their skills especially when learning on how to play on this remarkable sport of table tennis.


What are the Pros of STIGA Triumph new Table Tennis Table?


Here are some of the Pros that you must know:


  • It has about 5/8 inches in terms of Thick ness of Tournament Blue-top Table that would enable you get the best products during your choice. You will buy the best table tennis table from the market.


  • It comes with 2 inches of Self-Opening Steel Legs and 3 inches of Mag Wheels thus helping you get the best deals from the market.


  • This STIGA Triumph new Table Tennis Table has 2 inches Steel Apron with the Corner Protectors thus enabling you get the best ones. In addition, it has 66 inches of Post Set and Net Included.


  • This QuickPlay Chassis for a Fast Assembly- right from Box when you want to play in just 20 Minutes. In addition, you will enjoy a durable table tennis table that would match your working style.


What are the Cons?


Here are is a list of Cons:


During the purchase, you should remember that you would need to maintain well if you want it to work for you. However, when you maintain it well, it should last longer.


When you want to buy one, you are likely to pay more during your purchase. You should always know that it has more features that makes it more expensive for those who need to buy it from the market.


In conclusion, with this review of STIGA Triumph new Table Tennis Table, you will get the best deals that would enable you get a good deal.


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