Bimodal IT creates a fast path for company program delivery

Digital initiation jobs appear significantly different from conventional program development jobs.

Features for Mode 1: Development jobs related to stability, core system care or efficacy. These need conventional, slow moving development cycles and highly specialized programmers. There’s little need for company engagement.

Features for Mode 2: Development jobs which help identify or innovate the company. These demand a high level of regular upgrade, quick turn around, and company engagement.

WaveMaker’s accelerated application development platform is the perfect technology for your IT fast lane that is bimodal. Learn the way you can accelerate drive and innovation toward better business results.

A fast path from WaveMaker, for your bimodal IT strategy

Existing IT attempts are augmented by our platform that a different cross-functional team of IT and business folks can easily analyze new thoughts that are digital and iterate toward an ideal business solution, while keeping possible business impact high, reducing danger in your team.

There are three core parts that bring:

1. Support across the complete application lifecycle empowering agility and speed through the layout, assemble, deploy, iterate, and handle periods of the cycle.
3. Cooperation software empowering feedback cycles and better project management in order for your jobs remain on course and you also deliver the maximum-quality programs.

Find out more about WaveMaker and developing a fast lane using a high-speed application development system and the way that it fits within your IT strategy that is bimodal.

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