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It looks like every year manufacturers are outdoing themselves in an effort to make infant products that are not just helpful but also trendy and stylish. It’s not a surprise that with today’s popular “going green” motion that a person brand-new trend is marketing infant products that utilize 100% natural products and products. There are numerous natural and all natural items out there that are new for infants. You can find anything from bedding to skin care items to toys. Here we will sneak peek just a few of those.



Organic cotton is the way to go nowadays. A new mom can find a variety of baby products made from 100% natural cotton. Organic cotton is made from cotton plants that have not be treated with pesticides. This makes it low effect on the environment and makes sure brand-new mothers that one less chemical is making contact with baby’s skin. A few of the organic cotton bedding items that are brand-new for babies over the last few years include blankets, towels, baby crib sheets, baby trend pack n play mattresses and altering table covers. Serta is even marketing an anti-bacterial mattress made with natural cotton layers and vinyl that is without phthalates.


Baby Gear

Baby gear made from organic fibers is also readily available. A company called Nature’s Purest has released a line of infant gear that is covered in organic natural colored cotton. Their line consists of a high chair, bouncy seat, swing and even a portable play backyard. One of their top sellers is a bassinet.


Skin Care

Some of the most extensively utilized natural products for infants are skin care items. There are a wide range of options that consist of shampoos, areas, soaps, sun blocks and diaper rash creams. One item that is new for infants is a natural soothing spray. It is produced by Nature’s Infant Organics and has a soothing lavender odor that uses aromatherapy to soothe and unwind baby. Mom just sprays it on the infant’s bedding or favorite blanket.



Organic baby food production has actually increased significantly over the previous five years. You can discover organic baby food right on the grocers’ rack. Prior to it was just found in health and specialized shops. Lots of parents today are even making their own natural infant food by pureeing fresh natural fruits and veggies at home. While it isn’t really food, another popular item that is new for infants at feeding time is the BPA free bottle. BPA is the abbreviation for Bisphenol A, a damaging compound that has actually been understood to seep from some plastics when holding hot or warm liquids.



With all of the lead paint and BPA plastic scares of late, parents are turning more and more to natural wooden toys for their infants. This pattern has increased the popularity of wooden toys and cloth dealt with dolls. For babies, wooden rattles and teething rings can be discovered in addition to wood clench toys with brilliant fabrics that promote baby.


As you can see there are numerous products out there for mamas who wish to offer their babies a “greener” start in life.

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