Apply online credits step by step with MytripleA

What type of online credit will I request with MytripleA?

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MytripleA is a participatory financing platform through loans between individuals. Thanks to it, companies, self-employed or entrepreneurs who wish, can request a quick online credit for companies, which once they have been approved by our risk department will be published on the internet platform. Through it, investors who wish may anchor the online loan application to convert it into a loan.


Apply for an online credit with MytripleA: requirements to meet

The minimum requirements to apply for credits online with MytripleA are the following:

  • That it is financing for a business operation, whether you are a company or a natural person (self-employed). MytripleA does not offer consumer loans or personal loans.
  • That the company is based in Spain and carries out most of the activity in this country • That the required funding ranges from € 3,000 to € 300,000.
  • That the term of financing is between approximately 1 month and 5 years.
  • That the company that requests the online credit does not have negative own funds or continuous losses.
  • That the company and its partners, or the self-employed applicant, do not present incidents of payment.


Apply for a quick online credit with MytripleA step by step

Image result for apply onlineTo request a quick online credit you only need two minutes with MytripleA, first of all you will have to go to the section requesting financing on our website.

In the same web page you will be able to find, by scrolling down, all the basic information about the online credit request for companies by crowdlending with our alternative financing platform. So just click on the orange “request financing” button and choose if you are a company, self-employed or an entrepreneur.


Apply for online credit for companies with MytripleA: requirements

In the case that you are a company you will have to verify the following data, which are the minimum requirements without which it would not be possible to receive the requested credit:

  • Be an SL or SA
  • At least 2 years old Minimum invoicing of € 100,000. If not, you must click on Entrepreneur.
  • No incidences of defaults
  • Positive own resources

Apply for online credit for self-employed with MytripleA: requirements

In the case that you are autonomous you will have to verify the following, before being able to request your credit online:

  • At least 2 years old (for less seniority, apply as an entrepreneur)
  • No incidences of defaults


Apply for online credit for entrepreneurs with MytripleA: requirements

Also, in case you are an entrepreneur and you want to apply for your online credit with MytripleA, you will have to verify:

  • Consistent business plan
  • I can provide my personal or third-party endorsement with sufficient income or assets to support my loan


What do you need to apply for your credit online?

What do you need to apply for your credit online?

Once you have marked the option “I complete” in one of the three previous sections, to be able to request credits online you will have to indicate:

  • Purpose
  • Amount of money requested
  • An email
  • A password to sign up on the platform.

Once selected the amount and the term you can get an idea of ​​the fees to pay approximately, which will appear below. In the same way, you will have to accept the Terms and Conditions for SMEs and the Privacy Policy.


Apply for an online credit: the economic information that you have to contribute

Once you have sent the basic data, you will have to give economic information about your business:

  • Approximate activity start date
  • Sales during the last corporate tax presented
  • Whether or not you have negative equity in the last two years (essential requirement)
  • If you have the possibility to provide a personal guarantee
  • Incidences of payment (essential requirement)


Summary of the online credit application

Summary of the online credit application

In the next tab, to request your quick credit online, you can see the summary of your application, where you can modify any data that is wrong. Once the application has been reviewed, you can send it. It is then when you will have to upload all the documentation that MytripleA needs to be able to grant you the financing, imagine, all the necessary information so that we can evaluate the operation.