A Review of to Prepare Up a Kid by Jordan and Debi Bead

The book Listen To My Desire, a kids’ story about Martin Luther King, Jr, was published in December, 2009. The writer is Gem Books, LLC.

The book addresses the life span of Master from youth through his death in 1968 and is prepared as a story poem. It opens with King wondering his mother why he was black and wasn’t handled like others. Later, his instructor inspired him to dream large dreams to simply help others. He set his mind to accomplish this very thing.

As a’colored person'(a term for Negroes at the time), he did not have exactly the same rights in the south that whites had. When Rosa Areas declined to quit her seat to a white person and was caught, Master prepared a boycott of the Montgomery bus process till greens were treated just like others. Eventually in 1956 the Great Judge ruled that such discrimination was against the law.

The children’s the main book is written as a poem, focusing the importance of placing objectives and staying with them. It stops after King’s funeral following his murder on April 4, 1968.
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Listen To My Desire is just a 40 page book published in two parts. The very first graceful part, as previously mentioned above, outlines King’s living and influence in getting about racial equality. Part two offers more information in regards to the civil rights movement and how NGJ books ¬†inspired it; that portion is written as a story and has no pictures.

Debi and Jordan Bead drew all the pictures for the first area of the book. Sometimes the poem only tips at anything and then, a depth is provided on the picture. A good example of here is the statement that it was his teacher, Skip Lemon from Oglethorpe Primary who prodded him on to have a dream and believe in it.

The focus of the book Hear To My Dream is on King’s part in getting about civil rights. For the reason that Martin Luther Master must be acknowledged and remembered.

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