A great intro To The Fine art Of Garden Design

This kind of article is the first in a series that will describe the many facets of garden design and provide you with the knowledge required to plan a practical and aesthetically pleasing garden. During these articles you will find the necessary information required to undertake your own garden project from conception through to achievement.

Every garden benefits from good garden design. What ever your expectations are, planning and design are necessary. 1 of the first questions I ask a customer (as a design consultant) is “what do you need from your garden? ” The look will give attention to these needs and create a personal garden that can be enjoyed by everyone for years to come.

To get a definitive guide on garden design I would need to be writing a 500-page book, so we will only look at the absolute basics in this article. One thing I use learnt over the past twenty plus years as a garden developer is that few of us are totally content with our gardens. Irrespective of the immense pleasure we derive from them, there is always something that could be better.

Various long for a much larger garden, a few for something smaller and more manageable, however the vast vast garden design will make the most of their existing plots of land. Improving our garden spots, coaxing the maximum impact from them is an enjoyable challenge that a majority of enthusiastic green thumbs would go up to. The trick of course is knowing how!

Gardening is essentially about growing plants, but the setting in which we place them is probably the single most significant aspect that makes a garden appealing or otherwise. Personal tastes in garden styles vary as much as in other aspects of living, and what appeal to one individual might not exactly charm to another. The actual test of good garden design is whether the end result appeals to you. Being a garden designer I have always seen my role as a facilitator, seeking to assist my clients to create a garden that reflects their preference and personality.

A good garden designer will open up a magic box of inspiration and imagination. All of us teach you what other excited gardeners did, and how others have made the almost all of potentially insurmountable storyline issues.

Your own standard of interest is the key factor to consider when making a decision to obtain your garden designed and constructed by professionals or signing up for the project yourself. To implement it a great deal of money and the probabilities are that it won’t provide you with as much satisfaction as having created a garden through your own efforts.

Engaging a design consultant to describe the standard techniques and perhaps provide some inspirational ideas may be all you need to get the ball rolling. In the end only you can decide what is right for your garden. Likes in gardens vary just as much as in interior design and choices for art or music. The true acid test of whether your garden design has worked is merely gauged by the pleasure that it gives you.

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